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Carie Tomolonis              
Ext. 42-022                E-mail:
Roles:  Guidance Counselor
Experience:  18 years in Education, 7 years teaching at both West Carter High and Middle School, 11 years as a Guidance Counselor at both West Carter Middle and High School.
Education:  West Carter High School and Morehead State University Graduate
Degrees:  Bachelor of Arts in English with Teaching Certification, Master of Arts in Education-School Counseling, Rank I in School Counseling

Interests/Hobbies: Family, sports, reading, and almost any outdoor activity

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John Liles              
Ext. 42-021              E-mail:
Roles:  Guidance Counselor, SBDM Member, Budget Chairperson
Experience:  21 yrs teaching, 14 yrs at West Carter High, 4 yrs at Bath Co. Middle, 1 yr at Rowan Co. High,      1 yr at Montgomery Co. High, and 1 yr at Ashland/Paul Blazer High
Education:  Morehead State University, University of Kentucky
Degrees:  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Physical Science Secondary Instruction, Master of Arts in Guidance Counseling, Endorsement for Instructional Specialist

My career started out in 1995 as a full time aide in the Rowan Co. system where I taught Calculus and Chemistry to a visually impaired student.  In 1996 I was hired for my first teaching job at Bath Co. Middle School where I taught mathematics for four years, while there I served on the SBDM council, and coached the football team for 1 year.  My journey then continued to Ashland/Paul Blazer High School where I taught physical science and then Montgomery Co. High School where I taught Chemistry.  Finally in 2003, I was able to come home to West Carter High School, where I graduated, during my tenure here at West I have had many roles:  teaching various mathematics and science courses; coaching girls golf, math academics, announcing and keeping statistics for baseball, science academics, announcing and videoing for the football team and serving on the SBDM council.  This year I start my newest role as a Guidance Counselor, which is the primary reason I went into the education field.  I am excited about my new role and looking forward to serving the students of West Carter in my new capacity.

Interests/Hobbies:  Sports, Walking, Singing in the Church Choir

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