English Language Arts (ELA)

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Megan Burge              
Ext. 42-129             E-mail: megan.burge@carter.kyschools.us

Roles:  Language Arts Teacher



Blake Clark              
Ext. 42-123              E-mail: blake.clark@carter.kyschools.us

Roles:  English III & IV Teacher, Academic Team Head Coach, Site Based Council Member

Experience: Fifth Year Teaching

Education: Morehead State University; Kentucky Christian University

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English with an Area of Concentration in Teaching, Master of Arts in Education 

Interests/Hobbies: Reading books on my kindle app, binging television from time to time, listening to podcasts, playing video games for unhealthy amounts of time, and walking for almost healthy amounts of time.

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Kristen Thompson
Ext. 42-224              E-mail: kristen.thompson@carter.kyschools.us

Roles: 9th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher

Experience:  First-Year Teacher

Education: Morehead State University

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English with an Area of Concentration in Teaching

Interests and Hobbies: Reading books, watching Netflix, and spending time with family and friends. 


Jared Salyers              
Ext. 42-222              E-mail: jared.salyers@carter.kyschools.us

Roles: English Teacher
Experience:  16 years
Education:  West Carter High School; Morehead State University
Degrees:  B.A. - English; M.A. - English; M.A. - Teaching

Interests/Hobbies: Creative Writing, Poetry, American Literature, Transgressive Literature, Horror/Sci-Fi / Fantasy, RPGs, Comics, Film